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Transparent vinyl cover for Goshuin holder (standard size)

Transparent vinyl cover for Goshuin holder (standard size)

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A transparent vinyl cover that protects your precious "Goshuin holder" from scratches, dirt, and water.
Since it is made of highly transparent PVC material, it can be protected without damaging the image of the "Goshuin holder".
This is a cover for (normal size). Cannot be used for double-page spreads or stamp books.
*The "Ojo Seal Book" available at our store has a common size, so it can be worn.

Mountable size: height 186mm x width 148mm x back width 15mm
Material: PVC (vinyl)
Production: Japan

*The transparent vinyl cover for the "Goshuin holder" is only available as the "pocket type on both sides."
"One side pocket type" is not available.

*This cover is our "Goshuin holder (regular size)"
It was created for.
Please note that we cannot guarantee compatibility with similar products from other stores.


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