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Goshuin book holder Fukusa type "Apparel" Flower navy blue (Hanakonjo)

Goshuin book holder Fukusa type "Apparel" Flower navy blue (Hanakonjo)


ネイビー / 花柄

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This goshuin book holder uses a cover material selected by our store from among the fabrics commonly used for apparel.
Protect your precious stamp book from scratches and dirt.
It is spacious enough to store two of our large-sized Goshuin books (width 123mm x height 181mm x thickness 13mm).
*The combination Goshuin book, wooden Goshuin book, and book cover type Goshuin book can only hold one book.

There is a pocket on the back side, so you can use it as you like, such as temporarily storing a stamp or an admission ticket.
There are two loops on the sides that can be used to attach straps or keychains.
If you prepare your favorite shoulder strap, you can use it as a shoulder pouch.

You can also match it with a stamp book or coaster of the same design.
Recommended as a gift.
Goshuin book apparel series

Cloth coaster “Apparel Series”

●Cover material: Cloth fabric
●Size: 220mm x 155mm (external size)
●Weight: Approx. 60g
●Production: Japan

*Specifications for engraving a name:
Processing method: gold leaf stamping
Name entry point: Bottom left of back cover, vertical writing
Font: Mincho typeface

*Cannot be used for "Goshuin holder" and "Gojo stamp book".


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