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Castle Seal Book "Tenkajin" Orihime

Castle Seal Book "Tenkajin" Orihime

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The origami cranes dedicated to Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park as a pledge of peace are used as ``Peace Orihime,'' made from recycled paper.
This is a castle stamp book that allows you to visit castles that are associated with Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu, three great rulers of Japan.
The image is of a plastered castle wall or a chalk castle tower.

●Cover material: Recycled paper
●Number of pages: 20 pockets (with mount) *40 pages on both sides
●Bookbinding: fixed type
●Size: Height 186mm x Width 148mm x Back width/depth 15mm
Storage paper size (178�ox119�o)
●Weight: Approx. 155g

Note: This is a castle stamp book with a transparent pocket. This is not a stamp book.


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