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Goshuin holder (spread size) "Rinzen" flyer with Sanskrit characters and Amida Nyorai

Goshuin holder (spread size) "Rinzen" flyer with Sanskrit characters and Amida Nyorai



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This is a goshuin book with the seed character of Amida Nyorai, ``Kiriku,'' scattered on the front side, and the mantra ``On Amiri Tate Ize Karaun'' printed on the back.

(Amitabha Tathagata)
He is also called the Tathagata of Infinite Life and the Tathagata of Infinite Light ('Muyo' is a literal translation of the Sanskrit word amita).
A being who has fulfilled the 48 vows and 48 vows made by Hozo Bodhisattva during his training period. The guardian deity of the Year of the Dog and the Year of the Pig.

◆What is a “Goshuin holder”?
I’m not good at pasting goshuin stamps…! I have it bound in a substitute file, but I want to keep it looking better...
This is a ``new type of stamp book'' that I would like to recommend to such people.

<Pay attention here! 5 selections>
1. Store your goshuin as is without cutting or folding it! You can put it in and take it out as you like!
2. Store paper-cut stamps that are difficult to paste neatly!
3. The title of the “Goshuincho” is luxuriously stamped with gold foil!
Four. The gold nails make it sturdy and luxurious!
Five. The key to beautiful binding is in the corners! Craftsmen finish each book by hand!

●Cover material: paper
●Number of pages: 20 pockets (with mount) *40 pages on both sides
●Bookbinding: Fixed type (gold nailing)
●Size: Height 186mm x Width 148mm x Back width/Depth 15mm
Storage paper size (178�ox119�o)
●Weight: Approx. 160g
●Accessories: Profile column sticker
●Production: Japan

*Specifications for engraving a name:
Processing method: Gold leaf stamping
Place of name: Bottom left of back cover, vertical writing
Font: Mincho typeface

*The position of the pattern may differ from the image depending on the fabric.


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