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Goshuin holder (spread size) "Kiyora" Haikara ice plum/black

Goshuin holder (spread size) "Kiyora" Haikara ice plum/black

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The ``Hyoubai'' pattern is a design that combines plum blossoms in full bloom, which herald the coming of spring, and frozen ice with linear cracks.
This is a book that will help you feel the changing seasons and is full of Japanese spirit.

<Pay attention here! >
1. The title of the “Goshuincho” is luxuriously stamped with gold foil!
2. Gold nails ensure sturdiness and luxury!
3. The key to beautiful binding is in the corners! Craftsmen finish each book by hand!

-Cover material: Cloth fabric (100% polyester)
●Number of pages: 20 pockets (with mount) *40 pages on both sides
●Bookbinding: Fixed type (gold nailing)
●Size: Height 186mm x Width 270mm x Back width/Depth 15mm
Storage paper size (170�ox230�o)
●Weight: Approx. 330g
●Accessories: Profile column sticker
●Production: Japan

*Specifications for engraving a name:
Processing method: gold leaf stamping
Name entry point: Bottom left of back cover, vertical writing
Font: Mincho typeface


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