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Goshuin book “Kurosen” Nureba Ichimatsu

Goshuin book “Kurosen” Nureba Ichimatsu

凛然凛然 匠
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The Goshuin book BLACK COLLECTION "Kurosen" was started to convey the charm of black color to the fullest.
We have selected four designs that are the same black but have different characteristics in terms of texture, pattern, and feel.
With a chic and stylish appearance that was unlikely to exist,
Even if you are a man whose items tend to be black,
This is a book that is easy to pick up.

(Nureba Ichimatsu) -Nureba Ichimatsu-
The glossy black color, which resembles the appearance of wet crow feathers, is called ``wet feather color''.
The thin line pattern that runs vertically in the shape of a hairline makes the black of the fabric stand out.
It feels like really shiny black hair.
From the contrast created by the checkered pattern of black and black with different tones,
This is a luxurious book that allows you to enjoy both Japanese and Western tastes.

●Cover material: Vinyl cloth
●Number of pages: 24 folds (48 double-sided pages) accordion fold
●Size: Large: 123mm x 181mm
●Weight: Large: Approx. 180g
●Accessories: Profile column sticker
●Production: Japan

*Specifications for engraving a name:
Processing method: gold leaf stamping
Name entry point: Bottom left of back cover, vertical writing
Font: Mincho typeface


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